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Google Favors Mobile-Friendly
 — 04/21/2015
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Google announced back in February that it would be making changes to it's bots and search algorithms in favor of more mobile friendly sites. The new changes would take effect mid to late April around the 21st. This means that sites that have not yet made the leap to a more mobile friendly design and code could suffer greatly in their search rankings. Some small businesses have decided to wait it out to see if it will affect their bottom line before they make the change, but others cant afford to take that chance.

How will this affect your rankings? Is your site mobile capable? If you would like to find out, Google has set up a "Mobile-Friendly" testing tool to help web site owners see if their site will pass the new algorithm test.

You can view it for yourself here:

How can you get your site up to par? Well the answer has two solutions, some clients choose to re-work their entire site from the ground up, this is preffered if you can afford to do so. This also works for those clients who's web site has been unchanged for many years and they now feel it's time to get a fresh start. For other clients on a more constrained budget, their sites may be simple enough that, it may only take some tweeks to re-code it for mobile use until their budget allows for an overhaul later. Unfortunately this may not yield a 100% mobile friendly design and would only be a patch that could cost more in the long run.

Either way don't wait forever, now is the time to act, now is the time to do something about your business future. The net is changing rapidly with mobile compliance and adaptive design becoming the pinnacle of web site design. Doing business will get tricky as society gets more connected and the economy becomes a more global, you either change with the times or get left behind.